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Get involved

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Community Involvement

Guaranteeing security involves broader actions than simply taking care of your own home. Working with the people in your community to build up a robust neighborhood watch program is not only a good security policy, but it also can add to a sense of camaraderie that allows your house to feel more like a home. A sense of neighborhood belonging can bring a great deal of comfort in your day to day life, both in terms of security and socialization.

A strong community will also have a strong reputation, and that reputation will be likely to spread among those who might otherwise seek to challenge your security. Being a member of a collective effort is a great way to make sure everyone is looking out for their neighbor's back, and can allow you to identify any potential threats and make sure your neighbors remain as happy and secure as you want to be.


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While it's important to have a robust response to property crime, you'll be in a much better position if you can prevent that crime from happening in the first place. If you don't have a robust security system, you might be inviting unwelcome characters to test your resolve. Even if your resolve is strong, you might be putting yourself or your family in a dangerous position if you're faced with a dangerous situation.

Visible home security measures like a strong fence or exterior cameras can turn away those who might have an intent to do you harm. Even strong deadbolts may be enough to cause a criminal to flee if they try your doors and find themselves repelled. Rather than cleaning up broken windows and trying to account for things that might be missing, your visible security presence will allow you to stay comfortable and peaceful in your home.

Beware of unlicensed locksmiths

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The locks on your doors are more important that you think. They provide security and protection for your home, your family and your possessions. If you need to replace or repair the locks on your home, it’s best to hire a licensed locksmith to ensure your safety.

Unlicensed locksmiths can cost you more money than you might save by hiring them. Their lack of training and proper equipment could lead to faulty jobs and, worst-case scenario, a break in.

Get invoved

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Become Involved with Your Neighbors

Another step to take whenever your home has been burglarized is to strengthen relationships with your neighbors. Some of your strongest allies in the battle to protect your home are those who live next door or just down the street.

In fact, you increase the safety and security level for everyone when you band together as neighbors. That's why you should consider joining a neighborhood watch association. These groups can be powerful anticrime organizations if they are well-organized and contain active members.

Even if your neighborhood doesn't have a neighborhood watch association, take time to meet together with those around you. Ask for each other's cell phone numbers and send text messages to provide alerts or insight into possible criminal activity.

Replace Locks

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Replace Old and Weak Locks

It’s easy for burglars to enter your home if you have an old or weak lock on your door. A good kick-in or a drill can easily allow someone access to your home. That’s why it’s crucial that you ensure your locks are adequate at protecting the contents of your home as well as your family.

Ultimately, the best type of lock that you can get is a Grade 1 dead bolt lock, but you also need to ensure that the strike plate is made of durable metal. For added security, the strike plate and hinges should be secured with three-inch screws.

Teach your children

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. Teach Your Children to Remain Aware of Their Surroundings

It is very important that you take the time to teach your children that they should never enter the home if something looks amiss. This could really be anything, such as an open door, broken window, torn window screen or even a ladder set up on the side of the house. Let your children know that if they come home to something like this, they need to go to a neighbor's house or a nearby business immediately and call you.

Are you locked out of your house or car?

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Consider having some keys hidden in multiple places. No! do not hide a key under your door step rug or over the door jamb. Thats the first place a burglar will look. What you can do is purchase a key lock box from a local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes. A lock box will store your house keys and will allow access to only whomever knows the code. Its also recommended to conceal this lock box somewhere around the house.


Another thing that can be done for better protection is installing a security camera. Security cameras are like warning signs to burglars and thieves, it makes them realize that the house is being watched. Other simple tricks that can reduce the chance for burglary is leaving some of the lights and/or electric systems open. TV, Radio or other sound emitting electronics can convince a potential burglar that someone is in the house or put up a warning sigh that your house is protected.


Special consideration should be made during major holidays and events such as  Easter, Christmas, New Years, 4th July, or the Super bowl at these times many people leave their home and gather together with their relatives and friends. Burglars are well aware of this fact and it is more likely for burglary attempts to happen at these times.


Having a dark curtains to cover the windows can help as well since they don’t allow the thieve to know what going on inside the house. It is true that almost any house can be penetrated and any lock can be unlocked, however sometimes it’s enough to have just some more protection than average security level of your neighborhood to discourage a burglar from choosing your house.



What is the name of the Key Monster that steals everybody's keys?

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Cook Key Monster.

How to recognize a good locksmith

Posted on 29 March, 2015 at 20:05 Comments comments (1)

A good locksmith has uniform and company I.D.’s 

A good locksmith answers the phone identifying company by name

A good locksmith quotes prices by phone with integrity

A good locksmith is willing to provide company information by phone

A good locksmiths company receipts are identified with logo 

A good locksmiths business model is based on providing great service

A good locksmith guarantees all work 

A good locksmith does not operates from out-of-state hideout 

A good locksmith does not answers the phone with generic term

A good locksmith does not become rude or nervous when pushed for information 

A good locksmith does not need to ask long distance agent if they are available for a job

A good locksmith does not put you on hold over the phone to check availability of long distance agent

A good locksmith doesn't offer $15, $19 or $29 dollar service calls to then overcharge customers

A good locksmith knows the main streets and can give a good estimate of time frame

A good locksmith will pick a lock opened 

A good locksmith has a smile on face because he's not going to screw you


About Locksmith Scams

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Will you charge what you quoted in advance?


The Locksmith Scammers dispatch office doesn’t quote prices in advance because they have no control over it. Simply, they collect their part, and the agents they dispatch are free to charge whatever they feel like to customers in vulnerable situations. A genuine Locksmith is able to give an accurate price because they have a structured price list which is always the same.