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Thank goodness for Tim. He has saved us a couple of times now. I've called many other places when I've had a lockout emergency and so many places cannot get to me until the next day, but not Tim. Each time we have needed his service, he has arrived at our house within a half hour. He is also super quick and I'm always amazed at how quick he can get the door unlocked.

Stephanie G.

Waukesha, WI

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My son locked my keys in my car at Costco, Costco gave me Tim's number to call and he was there in 20 minutes. My keys have been locked in my car more times than I'd like to admit and I've always gotten ripped off with numerous other services. Tim charged me exactly what he quoted me and it was way less than what I've paid all the other times I've gone with other companies. Thanks Tim for being fair and affordable in your pricing and for being so fast! I will never call anyone else in the future!

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  • Cyndi Z.
  • Milwaukee, WI


WOW! Super fast service. Very friendly person. I locked my keys in my car on the east side of Milwaukee, it was freezing outside and he got there in a matter of minutes and had my car unlocked in less than 2 minutes. He is amazing. Thank you for the rescue.

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  • Ryan S.
  • Milwaukee, WI


Tim was fantastic. His service was quick and affordable and best of all he was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. I locked my keys in my vehicle at work, and within 45 minutes of my call Tim was there and had my truck unlocked.

I would definitely recommend Amazing Tim Locksmith to anybody in need of a great locksmith. Customer Name, Position, Company

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